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2020: An Invitation To Evolution Through Revolution

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

What a year this will be in the history of our Earth and Race. Predictably, this year 2020 has begun shaking us free of the structures in place that have held our lives and minds. With everything at a stop, globally, we feel the quiet settle in to our consciousness. The peace right alongside the anxiety of the uncertainty, pervading our psyche as we move into the reality of a life free from the distractions and obligations we have been upholding and managing. The collective consciousness of the entire Human race alive on the Earth at this time, is being given the space to be held in a meditative state of mind and to visit our edges.  The edges where we question and consider What we do, and How we do it. How we get our needs meet, and the system that we have adopted to get those needs met. What are needs really are. What our values really are.  And on an on, dwelling in the question, stretched to the borders of the structure in our minds we’ve built our lives out of. This is the place growth is inevitable, and that change is born. International internal Evolution is on our horizon. Like with everything that is born, from the seeds germinated and cultivated deep within, the external changes can be made.

Meanwhile we are beginning to return to our natural cycles of living. How we sleep, think, eat, etc. without the systems in place to demand unnatural out of natural cycle behavior from us we return, progressively, closer to our natural selves, and personal human cycles. And as we do we observe Nature do the same. The animals and the Oceans celebrating and responding to the planets heart beat growing stronger day by day. As do we, for we are Nature. We are One with this incredible system of life all around us. Inseparably connected to it, and the Universal Laws and Principals that govern it, govern us. This is why when we make choices that are inharmonious with the natural life system we are made of, part of, we become numb to it, sick, disconnecting to that natural system, sacrificing something in order to be part of another system, that doesn’t take the Universal laws and principals that make up the natural systems of life into account.  If our lives are primarily structured around the other systems created around control and commerce, which I would dare say is more the norm than the exception in the Western World, we are getting the chance to look at this, to see this How can we do anything other than that? You may already see it, already have tapped into the deep knowing in all of us that we are nature beings and that the lives we often lead are uncomfortably inharmonious with the natural system and our own nature. Yet we don’t know what to do about it. First of all, we don’t have to do anything about it yet, but look at it. See and feel it, recognize its truth without fear. Without seeing or seeking a solution. Often when a big truth rises from within us or is presented to us, we initially have a huge resistance to it, fearing change. As a survival mechanism we have developed it would seem, but the truth is our survival actually depends on us making this change. And the only change required at this juncture of our initiation is that we gaze upon this potentially paradigm shifting information, not letting the anxiety make us turn cowardly away. Not letting the anxiety of not knowing what to do about it our what it might mean to overcome the space the universe has made for us to see it. Not letting distraction take its place. Not hiding from it in the jungles of diversion.  For the answers are there and will come. But first we have to ask the questions.  What questions do you have, that you need to ask? 

Here are some of mine:  What are the systems that govern your life?  What impact does the system you use to get your needs met have on the natural needs and cycles of creation?  What would you do with your time and precious life everyday if you could do anything?  What would the system look like that you would structure your life by if you could create it?  When we bravely step from the edge of certainty into possibility life’s creative force ignites within us and our life.  May we desist then, from pushing away from the the edges in our minds.  May we find comfort in the womb of Mystery and dwell in possibility where evolution may be conceived. 

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