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Yatri Sol Cosmotherapy

Meet Yatri Sol

Astrologer, Yoga Teacher, Tarot Reader, Crystal Artist, Ceremony Facilitator & Shamanic Reiki Practioner

Yatri is a certified Spiritual Healer, Cosmotherapist, Artist and Astrologer. She has lived overseas the greater part of her adult life in South America, exploring  Asia, and Africa. She has developed a comprehensive worldview by identifying fundamental universal truths and collecting diverse tools for spiritual healing and orientation. Her mission is to guide herself and others to communion with the Collective Consciousness while offering grounding and embodiment practices to reach ones highest self. 

Yatri completed her Evolutionary Astrology training and became a certified Cosmotherapist and Tarologist in Brazil, where she lived for seven years and learned fluent Portuguese. 

Born into a religiously divided household, defining her spiritual stance in the world has never been optional and has defined her entire life course from her youth. She served as a missionary in Ecuador for 2 years in the Amazon, where she learned fluent Spanish. Her work with the Shuar tribe spawned a spiritual paradigm shift and awakened a thirst for understanding how spirituality is expressed in other cultures around the world.


Choosing travel as a primary educational experience she began the search for fundamental truth; comparing definitions of sin and paths of communication and communion with the Self and the Divine. 


After 14 years of experiential and guided studies with different masters around the world, her Cosmotherapeutic practice has been born to be brought to the lives of those on similiar quests. Her practice today infuses Orientation with Astrology, Healing, Clearing and Chakra Balancing with Crystal therapy, Reiki, and Aromatherapy together with Shamanic and Vedic practices by inducing Journeying. These practices vary depending on the needs and goals of the individual. 

As an Ordained Minister, she serves as a Teacher, Healer and Ceremony bearer for Birth, Life, Death and Union. 

Meet Amelia
Why Cosmotherapy

What is Cosmotherapy?

A combination of ancient and modern alternative and holistic therapies that offer the following:

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Use Astrology and Tarot to discern your energetic tendencies from the time of birth until now, and how to deal with and overcome challenges in order to reach your Personal Destiny, maximize your gifts, and align with your Higher Purpose. 

Natal Charts & Tarot

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Clarity & Confidence

Spiritual Awakening and Experience Integration

Gain insight into the root causes of life patterns, unveiling the truth around situations and shining light on the path defining the steps to take to create change. Integration and guided block-building into the new identity. Cosmotherapy Combo

Chakra Balancing

Identifying blocked energy centers vital to our holistic health; their causes and preventative measures. Using Reiki and Crystal Therapy, Aromatherapy, Breath and Yoga exercises to return the body, mind and emotions with balance and harmony. Shamanic Reiki & Yoga

Cord Cutting & Cleansing

Clean out old undesired energy by cutting energetic chords; performing psychic crystal surgery; prevent psycho-spiritual illness from development and manifestation in the body; smudging to clear the body, mind, and soul.  Resetting and integrating the whole self for peaceful and powerful performance. Shamanic Reiki and House or Space Cleaning and Clearing

Know Thyself - & Your Guides

"First:  Know Thyself"

Tap into your connection with

your guides, and gain deeper connection and awareness of your higher self, and to your Spirit and Animal Guides. 

Shamanic Reiki, Astrology & Tarot

Relationships to Others

Identifying keys to bringing harmony between people by analyzing astrological compatibility and offering insight into how each person is individually designed.  Tarot offers additional insight into these relationships dynamics.

Natal Chart Bundles & Tarot



"Yatri is a skilled and compassionate diviner! I received a tarot reading from her and it was illuminating and helpful for my personal journey. She offers readings which are honest and challenging instead of just telling you what you want to hear. She will help you with whatever deep work you may need to bring attention to. Her yoga classes are healing and meditative as well!"

-Jason Caslyn, Mystic Monkey Yoga


A detailed analysis of the map of the stars and planets at the moment of your birth. Clarity is given around one's past and present lives, and the discovery of one's Personal Destiny. Energetic tendencies and compatibility around love, work, home and family life, career, health and relationships identified. Wounds and path to healing unveiled. Natural and inherent gifts identified.

Traditional Reiki healing infused with Aromatherapy (optional), Crystaltherapy (optional), and Shamanic Journeying, Clearing and Cord Cutting, Chakra balancing, and trouble areas and solutions identified and analyzed. Distance Reiki optional. 

Using the combination of decks right for you to find clarity, answers, and your Personal Guides. Decks used:
Raider Waite, Thoth, Gypsy, Apokalypsis, Dreams of Gaia, Earth, Warrior, Sacred Path, and Medicine Cards.

Astro-Tantra Yoga

A practice uniquely prepared each week based on the current planetary positions and movements, with asanas tailored to help us navigate the astrological energies present with chakra and body balance and strength. Tantric Kriyas incorporated into each class with the objective to infuse fire increasing vital energy and freedom in our breath, body and life. 


Holistic Health

The Body, Mind, Soul and Spirit Personal Training. Work with these four elements to create overall wholeness. We look individuals physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs and create a Holistic Health program based on those needs cleansing diet and exercise, meditations and affirmations specific plan included. Ancient and timeless Ayurvedic health base expanded with modern information.




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